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I feel sick and tired all the time every day every hour. Ive lost more friends than ive gained. Im stuck between wanting to be dead or alive. Im convinced ill be alone for the rest of my life. Im very very sad and no one will care until its all over anyways. Im only typing this because what else do I really have. Theres only so much shit in my life I can control. I cant stand being around people because I see how fake and flawed they all are. At this point in time the only thing that makes me happy is the internet and I really dont even thinks thats a bad thing. I just want to leave where Im living and say fuck you to every single bastard thats every been fake to me or has every doubted that I could ever make something of my self. And thats the only reason im still breathing. I want to prove so many wrong and once I do then ill be contempt with leaving forever. Everyone becomes an enemy eventually.

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I made my self numb and now I dont know what to feel anymore…

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Okay…you say you never done this before, and that’s cool and all but I want you to try this with me…that’s cool…don’t worry

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Lets see if I can make this right and trust my heart instead of my head although I never really know what I want to begin with…

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La Dispute edit.


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Hop Along // Tibetan Pop Stars

the reason i haven’t written back is because i’m still doing all that bad shit i was

my love is average. i obey an average law.

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